How to write a Theatre play (because confusion sucks)

Writing for theatre is completely different to writing for the screen or for radio (which I’ll hopefully do in my next blog). Theatre, the way I got taught how to do theatre in my University course, is quite interesting to see how to change the style from screen to stage. This will explain how you lay it out and hopefully help you to write a theatre play of your own.

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How to plan a TV/Film Script (Because, why not?)

I think a lot of the perspectives on writing screenplays is a bit of an “Oh there’s so much do to and I don’t think I’ll plan. I’ll just write it”. Wrong approach, I’m afraid. I tried that before I went to Uni and my scripts were all over the place and didn’t make sense AT ALL, but that’s probably more of a reflection of me than anything else. I’ll give a few steps of what you need to do for the plan and hopefully it works for you too.

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