Idea overload is here (not decided if it’s a good thing yet)

As you may have seen in my other blogs, I write scripts and books and right now, I’m getting a massive overload of ideas. Usually people in this industry would have maybe three or four ideas to play with, but I break that norm because of my imagination. Right now, it’s about fourteen (HOW?!) ideas.

In my last lecture from the week before last week, called Professional Practice 1, we got taught how to use a thing called The Slate. The Slate is a document you look at maybe every three to four months and change your ideas if you’ve met the deadlines you set yourself for The Calling Card (your best idea), The Passion Project (the one you can’t leave alone), The TV Series (always need one of those, just in case) and The Genre (any genre in any medium).

When we got taught how to do this, I had to narrow it down from nine to four. Since then, I’ve been bombarded with ideas and my notebook of ideas has never been needed so much. The amount of ideas so far does NOT include the novels I’m writing. Looks like I have my work cut out for me.

Currently, I have three Theatre, four TV, six Film and a Radio to sift through. Here was me thinking I wasn’t a playwright and it now looks like I’m becoming one! I won’t complain, but it takes a lot of my time. I just have no idea how I’m doing it. It’s completely bonkers, but then that’s me in a nutshell.

How do YOU keep track of your ideas? I’d love to find out whether you have structure or if you just run loose with them all. Hopefully you find what style you like writing and just write it.


Abbie Allen


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