Transmedia Understanding

Welcome back! The last blog was SO long ago due to my Second Year of University got very busy. Since it is now the summer holiday for me, the blogs will start again. This one will try and clarify what Transmedia is and what it means for your writing.

Transmedia is basically using various mediums to showcase your story-world. The best example is DOCTOR WHO. They have the main TV series, right? They also have books, audio books, games, Conventions, Doctor Who Experience and more. The list are counted as the transmedia for the show. Because the show doesn’t stay in one medium it allows their fans to connect to the show in more than one way. You can use the internet to have major games, like they did for one of the Batman films. They tagged the city and hid phones in cakes. There’s not really a limit to where you can go, as long as you have the funding for the project.

Concerning your writing, this means that you have to ensure that the story they see in the main medium, such as a TV Series, you have to showcase the other mediums you wish to use for the story. A project I was working on with Uni mates we had the webisodes, but showcased a Spotify account the audience could go find and listen to the character’s playlist. It can be really subtle showing, but you can also make it blunt by using it in the dialogue one of the characters intercepted their Wattpad account or something else you’d want to use. Just don’t fill the entire series on just showing them to go to a certain medium, or channel as it may be called.

Hopefully this clarifies a little better, but feel free to comment any questions you may have. Hope your transmedia projects go well.


Abbie Allen


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