Writer’s Short Bio

Welcome back! So for this next blog, I will try and outline what would be needed for a Writer’s Short Bio. This process is what I was taught by one of my lecturers in Uni and it worked for me so that is the method I shall use. So, let’s begin with what is needed in a particular order (you can write it in what order you like).

Just remember, the word limit for this is between one hundred words and one hundred and fifty words.

  1. Previous Writing Experience- this would be past novels, scripts, etc you have written
  2. It’s ok to be a newbie- this basically means that it’s ok to not have much writing experience yet, but if you show you’re putting the effort in, then those reading it should know how you feel about writing
  3. Sustained commitment to writing/Creative Writing/scriptwriting/drama- this means that you show you have an interest in a certain genre/medium
  4. University or other courses- this shows how much effort you have put into your skills. For me I put my Scriptwriting degree so they know what effort I’m putting in to making myself a stronger writer
  5. Evidence based- this is when you talk about other roles you have worked in, which for me included Radio Presenter for my Uni’s radio station, Dragon Radio. It can be other examples, but it depends on YOUR experiences. This would also involve competitions you may have won or been shortlisted for
  6. Aspirational = you as an artist – this is asking you to explain what YOU want to achieve, things like that


So I’m not just leaving you high and dry with all that information, this is how mine looks:

I am a passionate writer of Young Adult Novels, Theatre, TV, Radio and Film, mainly in Crime and Drama. Currently I am a Second year studying BA Scriptwriting at University of South Wales, graduating in 2017. Whilst I am at University, I am a presenter for the student radio station, Dragon Radio, for The Doctor Who Show. I also write reviews and blogs for Dragon Radio and my own blogs. With Dragon Radio and the other second year BA Scriptwriting students, I have been a part of writing a 10-part Radio Comedy, The Living Death of Mortimer Finn, which is currently going into production. I had a section of my short play, Gran’s House, performed in a Scratch Night event, Scratch Your Eyes Out hosted by Dragon Radio. I came first in the 14-18 year old category of the Coventry Inspires Writing 2012.


So hopefully this blog helps you to figure out how to write YOUR Writer’s short biography. It’s good to have this because this will be asked for quite often if entering competitions or anything else writing related. Good luck with writing yours. Maybe if the order doesn’t feel right for yours, don’t be afraid to mix it up a little like I have. I wish you all the best with your writing in whatever form it may be in.


Abbie Allen


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