Don’t Be Afraid To Be You

Welcome back to another blog! It may have been a little while since the last one, but it’s been getting a little busy now I’m back at University for my final year. This will mean, however, that my blog writing may actually increase due to some of these blogs are wanted to be seen for a portfolio I need to do as an assignment.

Anyway, so this blog won’t be about scripts this time. It’s just a little bit of a booster for people that may be going through a change or even a difficult time. I got onto this seeing all the new Freshers (new students, for anyone who doesn’t recognise that term) round campus. So, I hope this might be nice for you to read.

The title does give away what I’m going to talk about. I know a lot of you may be saying that you know who you are and you’re proud of it and don’t want to hide it, but some of us are not so bold. We’re the quiet ones in the corner trying to get on with whatever work we’ve got and want to put all our energy into one thing. I’m the second one. I’ll let you choose which you are, or have your own example of that and rock it your own way.

For those who are like me, this is a little shout out to you. Not everyone is loud, getting drunk and enjoys getting close to being a party animal. And that’s just one of my Uni mates (I won’t name them, because spoilers). We all get through the stresses of our life in numerous and wacky ways. Mine tends to be binge-watching either DOCTOR WHO or any crime series I can get my hands on. Uni isn’t much different.

Whether you’re into Sci-Fi, comics, sport, books, films, games or anything else, don’t be afraid to be you. I wouldn’t want to change a thing about me, even if it was to try and impress someone. If they can’t take you for who you are, what kind of person does that make them? So stay strong as you and fight for your dream. Just don’t literally fight someone. I don’t want you getting kicked out of school or Uni due to it.

So hopefully this blog may have given you a little boost. If not, look at me for example. I have Asperger Syndrome, have ten GCSEs under my belt, got DMM in college and I’m actually in University away from home. If I can do it, so can you. All of us together, because not all of us can do it alone. Love yourself and you’ll find what you’re made for. I have and I’m feeling better than ever. I hope you feel the same.


Abbie Allen


How To Get Noticed As A Writer

Welcome back to another blog! Now, I know this may sound easier said than done, but I’m sure we’ll get there together…I hope.

This blog’s title may seem a little OTT (over the top, for people who may not know what that means) but I think it might be an idea to widen people’s eyes a little at this. A lot of writers are out there and they all want to get noticed, get their work made but there is one thing you have to do to get there.

Enter competitions.

I know it seems really simple, but it can be difficult. What I find great is that there are so many different competitions that you can enter to get your work out there. You don’t get noticed if you don’t make any noises about you or your work. So here is what I recommend. At the moment the WRITER’S MAGAZINE (that you can buy in WHSmiths, Sainsbury’s and other shops a little like that) they are doing a bumper pack. It is £4.10 for it, but it is also coming with not just the magazine, but a pack that lists different competitions you can enter throughout the year. A lot of this afternoon I have been highlighting the ones that aren’t poems and that would apply to me and where I am living. It’s actually rather handy. It allows you to write short stories, get your novel/s out there.

So don’t just sit there writing and waiting for the call that will never come because you’re not entering any competitions. Show off how incredible your writing is. It’s ok if you don’t get it first time round. It just gives you a chance to see what you’re able to do and learn from it to make your writing better. It took me long enough, so don’t worry if it takes plenty of times to get there. It just means you have more time to hone your skills.

I hope this is helpful to all you clever people and I wish you all the luck in those competitions you enter. If you don’t get the magazine, try googling competitions or try the site below (which is for the magazine, but you can still enter through the site if you wish).

Writer’s Magazine Site


Abbie Allen