Short Story: Bloody Ever After


Running down the dark alleyway was the only way out I could see. My feet landed heavy on the gravel underneath me and I kept running, my satchel swinging into my side. I could hear heavy breathing behind me, following me at every turn. I found my way onto the main street, but even still I couldn’t recognise where I was going. Drumming in my chest, my heart kept trying to escape my chest with how loud and hard it drummed against my rib cage. Looking round me I saw no one nearby. I knew it was late, but how late I had no idea. I couldn’t stop to check my phone and see the time. They would catch up to me if I did.

My vision starts to blur together, but I can’t tell if it’s out of fear or because my eyes are welling up with tears or because of something that might be in my system. I tried to keep moving, but I was grabbed from behind and yanked into another alley. I was thrown further into the alley and I could see the man facing me was about six foot two inches. He was well-built and athletic. He had styled his hair into spikes, but the night obscured the colour and what his face looked like. He stepped towards me, but I took a step back.

‘You’re gonna run now, after everything?’ His husky voice broke the silence that had surrounded me.

I was sure a small whimper slipped through my lips. He took another stride towards me, shrinking the gap between us. His long, muscular arm outstretched to me and he held his hand out me.

‘I want you safe. Why can’t you see that?’

I turned and tried to run from him. He closed the gap and hoisted me into the air, holding me to him. he put me down and turned me to face him, a knife suddenly brandished and gently brushed against my neck.

‘I told you there were only two choices. Happily ever after or bloody ever after. This one’s on you.’

He swung the blade across my throat. I couldn’t breathe. I could feel the blood trickle down my chest. I slumped to the ground, trying to breathe properly.

‘Goodnight, princess. You should have listened to me in the first place. You’d still be alive otherwise.’

He turned his back and walked away, throwing the knife to one side as he had with my life, left bleeding onto the floor. I would be another body, not a person anymore. He had taken that and soon enough I would be gone for good.


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