Short Story: Dear Friend

Dear Friend,

It has been many months.Well, two to be exact when I write this. I haven’t heard from you for a while. I dunno I will for a very long time. Our journey has been rough, but we had got through it to this point. I was there when things went belly up for you and when you felt you had no one else to turn to. I miss you. Truly, I do. I miss our trips out to see various films and come back quoting them into oblivion. What I’m trying to say is, I still want you as a friend.

I know we had our fallings out. You turned your back and went away. That’s your choice. I just wanted to let you know I still support the way you are and I don’t regret you finding who you are. I just regret that I wasn’t there for you more, just so you wouldn’t feel like you had to be on your own.

When you disappeared, it was like a hole had ripped its way through my chest. I wasn’t whole, as if I was when we first met all those years ago. Oh, friend, I wish we could have left on better terms than this. I still crave for the times we had together and how it could go back to all that. The innocence of our time before life got in the way. Through everything we were there for each other and now I have one less friend to turn to and it hurts like hell. I do feel like I didn’t support you enough and I’m sorry for that.

I hope that wherever you are, you are safe and well. Maybe in the future we can get back in touch and meet up, repair our bridges. I want, no need my friend back. I wish you all the luck in the world to find what you are searching for, but I also hope it brings us back together at one point. I’ll be waiting.


Your best friend, as long as you want me to be


Short Story: Amy’s Diary 1


Dear Diary,

I wasn’t too sure if I was a diary-writing kind of girl, but I thought I might just give it a go. Today has been a disaster. Everything has gone wrong. Today was my twenty-first birthday. I was finally allowed to graduate from Junior Member to Full Member of the IPS. Sadly, I can’t clarify any more what that means. If I did, I’d have to kill you.

I’d literally just got my ID and the controls flipped. A siren went off, letting us know our location was under threat. Protocol five was activated. We were to flee to our base in Nevada. I had a small amount of belongings packed into the boot of a Jeep John was driving. Jacob was in the passenger seat. I was in the back. We followed the other Jeeps flee, ours holding up the rear.

The Falling Stars, the arch-nemesis of the family, caught up to us. One of their vehicles rammed into our Jeep. We spun and crashed back onto our wheels. When I got my full bearings, metal had been bent out of shape and sharply jutted out of the plastic casing that was the inside of the Jeep. The metal had come through so much it was actually stabbed into my left leg. Blood oozed out of the wound, but I couldn’t find any energy to move. I could feel the blood trickling down my leg and getting absorbed by my sock.

Jacob and John tried to get me to stay conscious, but the loss of so much blood and my dizziness knocked me out. Only, the issue became that when I woke up I was in my bed back at the base. I was about to go and ask the family questions about it when I found a scar down my cheek. When I questioned the family about it Harriet diagnosed my symptoms as being in a coma. I have to get home, but I’m scared of what I might find out.

Amy Thomas

Short Story: Ravens

The cliff was at the right tilt for the view to look more incredible that if it was a flat incline. My feet were secure as I stood facing the landscape. The wind rustled through my clothes, pinning the front of my clothes to my body and the rest of the material flapping behind me.

‘You ready for this?’ Luke asked.

I looked behind me and he was standing nearby, but not so close that he could knock me over the edge if he wished.

‘No matter my answer, you’ll still make me do this.’ I countered.

‘You’re getting it.’

‘Remind me why I’m up here?’

‘Your powers are getting more uncontrollable. You’re getting the ability when you really don’t need it. This is to give you a chance to phase properly to try and get control of it. Once you have control, we can use it to help people.’

‘So you want me to jump?’

‘Yeah. Whilst you’re falling, your ability should kick in and you’ll phase properly.’


‘Yeah. If you don’t seem to, I’ll jump and get you safely to ground.’

‘Okay. Sounds easy enough.’

‘Good luck. Go when you’re ready.’

I stepped back from the edge, knowing I’d have to run at this. I took deep breaths and tried to focus my mind. I had images flickering through my mind of a raven. Before I knew it, my body sped over the edge, plunging me into the air. I started to fall, but then black feathers enveloped my body. My arms shrunk and then expanded out into wings. My legs shrunk into the rest of my body that morphed around me. I swooped through the air, breezing through and around to fly back up to the cliff I’d just left. I landed on my feet and my focus zoomed in, almost like a camera would, on Luke watching me.

‘Nice one. Living up to our name, as usual, Ali Raven.’

Luke smirked at me. Before I knew what he was doing, he pounced at me, a matted bag in his grip.