Short Story: Ravens

The cliff was at the right tilt for the view to look more incredible that if it was a flat incline. My feet were secure as I stood facing the landscape. The wind rustled through my clothes, pinning the front of my clothes to my body and the rest of the material flapping behind me.

‘You ready for this?’ Luke asked.

I looked behind me and he was standing nearby, but not so close that he could knock me over the edge if he wished.

‘No matter my answer, you’ll still make me do this.’ I countered.

‘You’re getting it.’

‘Remind me why I’m up here?’

‘Your powers are getting more uncontrollable. You’re getting the ability when you really don’t need it. This is to give you a chance to phase properly to try and get control of it. Once you have control, we can use it to help people.’

‘So you want me to jump?’

‘Yeah. Whilst you’re falling, your ability should kick in and you’ll phase properly.’


‘Yeah. If you don’t seem to, I’ll jump and get you safely to ground.’

‘Okay. Sounds easy enough.’

‘Good luck. Go when you’re ready.’

I stepped back from the edge, knowing I’d have to run at this. I took deep breaths and tried to focus my mind. I had images flickering through my mind of a raven. Before I knew it, my body sped over the edge, plunging me into the air. I started to fall, but then black feathers enveloped my body. My arms shrunk and then expanded out into wings. My legs shrunk into the rest of my body that morphed around me. I swooped through the air, breezing through and around to fly back up to the cliff I’d just left. I landed on my feet and my focus zoomed in, almost like a camera would, on Luke watching me.

‘Nice one. Living up to our name, as usual, Ali Raven.’

Luke smirked at me. Before I knew what he was doing, he pounced at me, a matted bag in his grip.


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