Short Story: Bella

Standing under the window frame on tiptoes, Bella watched the snowflakes fall from the sky. Her imagination was caught by the sight of the flakes. She watched numerous flakes fall and many of them landed on the window frame outside, adding to the mound that started to collect.  She tried to go higher on her tiptoes, but she didn’t have enough height or balance to do so.

‘You should be in bed, young lady.’ Jonathan watched her from the living room doorway.

Bella pointed at the snow, pleading with him to let her see it a little longer. Jonathan walked to her and picked her up into his grip. She looked out the window from the new height and saw the winter wonderland. Bella giggled and squealed with delight at seeing the new world of snow from a height she couldn’t have reached without him.

‘You like the snow?’ Jonathan gently kissed her head.

Bella nodded, beaming. Jonathan stepped closer to the window and let Bella look outside even more. She could see the entire road was covered in snow.

‘Come on. Let’s get you to bed.’ Jonathan started to walk away.

Bella started to get upset, but Jonathan walked with her in his grip upstairs. They walked into her bedroom, tidy until you looked at the floor with toys everywhere. Jonathan gently placed Bella on her bed and tucked her in. Bella started to whimper, so Jonathan pulled out a book from the bookcase. Bella was unsure about the book, but it had snow on it, so she started to go for it. Jonathan gently held Bella close and read her the story. She tried to fight the tiredness, but it won in the end. Bella fell fast asleep in bed. Jonathan put the book down and tucked Bella back into bed. He gently kissed her head and tiptoed out of her room, shutting the door behind him. Jonathan walked to his own bedroom and found Kezia waiting for him.

‘What was it?’ Kezia asked.

‘Bella wanted to see the snow. She’s fast asleep now.’ Jonathan got under the covers by his wife.

‘She talking yet?’

‘Nope. She made her feelings clear, but she didn’t say anything.’

‘At least she’s still acting like a child. She turns five soon. She won’t be a little girl anymore.’

Kezia turned her lamp off. Jonathan lay on his back, turning his own lamp off, wondering what kind of life Bella would have if she couldn’t communicate with words. He tried to drop off, but his only thoughts were of his youngest daughter, whether she would have a life of her own in time.


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