Short Story: Bella aged 10

The sound of a pen scratching against the page filled the kitchen/dining room space. Bella sat at the table, writing in a notebook. She couldn’t tear her focus away from it, even when Jonathan entered the room.

‘Hey Bella.’ Jonathan walked to Bella and gently kissed her head.

‘Hey Dad.’ Bella looked up for a second and then returned to her notebook.

Jonathan sat next to Bella and watched her writing.

‘How was school?’



Bella stopped writing. She put the pen down on the table carefully, stopping it from rolling away.

‘I just stand out a little.’

‘Are they bullying you?’

‘A little.’

‘Bella, do you need me to have a word with the school?’

‘I dunno. I don’t want to get in more trouble.’

‘Bella, what they’re doing is wrong. You know that, right?’

‘Like Mum?’

‘Yeah. Yeah, like Mum.’

‘She doesn’t want me, does she?’

‘I’m sure she does, sweetheart.’

‘But if she did she would have stayed or taken me with her.’

‘Your Mum can be a little bit selfish, I’m afraid.’

‘What’s for dinner?’

‘Whatever you like.’

‘Chicken nuggets?’

‘Yeah. Veg too?’

‘Balanced diet, Dad.’

‘School teaching you that?’

‘They ought to before I get the size of a house.’

Jonathan chuckled a little.

‘You mean you don’t want to get big?’

‘No. I wanna get through doors and not end up waddling everywhere.’

‘Okay. I’ll put dinner on. Have you got homework?’

‘Got to write a story for English. It’s preparing us for the book we have to write in that we take with us to secondary school for them to see what our English is like.’

‘You doing it in your notebook to practice?’

‘Yeah. It’s part of a story I’m writing anyway.’

‘Okay. How about you write it to where it could end and we go through it if there are any spellings you may have missed?’

‘Thanks, Dad.’

Jonathan stood up from the table and gently kissed Bella’s head again. He walked into the kitchen and started to cook the dinner, watching Bella pour her heart out into a notebook.


Short Story: Amelia Thomas

Slamming the door behind her was the only way she could get her family to look at her. Amelia ‘Amy’ Thomas slammed the door with all her strength, making the slam as loud as possible. Her remaining family, Harriet, Edward, Cameron, John and Finley, looked at her rather confused.

‘What was that for?’ Edward asked.

‘You’re not listening, are you?’ Amy snapped.

‘What are we meant to be listening to?’ John raised an eyebrow.

‘Ever heard of a thing called reason? That’s what you’ve been failing to listen to.’ Amy was furious.

‘What kind of reason have we been ignoring?’ John wasn’t impressed.

‘You’re willing to let a bomb go off to protect your own egos!’ Amy yelled.

‘Why do you care so much, Amy? You’ve barely been to the centre of Kingswell. Why do you care if it gets blown up?’ John snarled.

‘Because two police officers that have been protecting our home area are about to get caught in it. One of them is Lizzy Reading.’ Amy glared at John.

‘Lizzy Reading again. You went to school with her, didn’t you?’ John didn’t like it.

‘That’s not the point, John. You’re meant to care someone could get caught in the middle. I’m gonna go down there and I’m gonna call for help if I get there too late. So if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go do my job!’ Amy stood her ground.

Amy stormed away from the main room and headed up the steps that took her to a gigantic car park. She got into one of the parked Jeeps and ignited the engine. The engine roared into life. The door into the passenger seat opened and closed behind Cameron.

‘What are you doing?’ Amy was confused.

‘You’re right. I should have seen how much this would upset you. I’ll go with you and help those officers. Just wait a minute, yeah?’ Cameron hoped.

‘I’ll do it, only because you happen to be my Gramps.’ Amy gave in.

The back left seat door was opened and shut, Finley sitting in the back.

‘Got some kit we might need.’ Finley smiled weakly at Amy.

‘Okay. Let’s go.’ Amy nodded.

Amy backed the Jeep out the space and drove out the car park. She glanced at Cameron. He got the message. Cameron pushed one of the buttons in the dashboard, just above a CD player. Immediately sirens and blue and red lights went off. The siren sounded nothing like the Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade sirens. It got cars parting like the red sea for them though.

‘Fin, get me an ETA for Kingswell Industrial Estate. Gramps, try and get hold of Lizzy.’ Amy took command.

Both of them did as she asked. Finley typed furiously and Cameron held his phone to his ear.

‘ETA should be about six minutes from our current location.’ Finley called.

‘Lizzy’s not picking up.’ Cameron was worried.

Amy stepped on it and sped faster through the traffic. Cameron and Finley hung onto the bars in their doors, just to make sure they didn’t get flung far through the Jeep. The Jeep came to a stop outside a warehouse. It was shedding ash and dust. Amy ran inside without thinking. She climbed over debris and found a PC in her uniform on the ground. Amy checked her output, but there was nothing. Amy started CPR. Cameron and Finley came in and found someone else in the warehouse with the PC. They checked her over.

‘We’ve got DC Natalie Price here. She’s just unconscious.’ Cameron called.

Amy kept giving CPR. There was no response, but she wasn’t going to give up. Cameron came over and helped her. Amy kept pumping her heart and Cameron tried to push air into her lungs. The PC coughed awake and seemed a little bit dazed.

‘Hey Lizzy. Take it easy. You’ve just been caught in an explosion.’ Amy told her.

Lizzy looked at Amy and they both smiled a little at each other.

‘We need to get you both out of here. We can sit you on the curb until emergency services get here.’ Cameron helped Lizzy sit up.

They got Lizzy onto her feet and Amy helped Lizzy walk outside. Lizzy sat on the curb, trying to recover. Amy pulled out her phone and made a call.

‘We need all emergency services. An explosion has just happened in a warehouse in the Kingswell Industrial Estate. Two cops, PC Reading and DC Price from Locksford were caught inside. They’ll be outside the warehouse when you get here. You don’t need my name and if you play this for their case, let them know there’s more to this case than they think. We’ll be back sooner than they think too. And no, we didn’t plant the bomb.’ Amy hung up.

‘They’ll suspect you from that.’ Lizzy coughed.

‘I doubt it. Not on your system. Kept completely off it for assignment purposes. Besides, I’m sure we’ll meet again. Espionage is everywhere these days. Bring on the life of a spy, eh?’ Amy shrugged.

Cameron and Finley helped the DC sit next to Lizzy.

‘You okay, Tash?’ Lizzy asked.

Tash nodded, a little out of it.

‘We’d better go. Good luck and I hope you can catch whoever did this.’ Amy smiled weakly.

The three of them got back in the Jeep and drove off, not quite forgetting they just saved the Police from dealing with a double Police murder.

Short Story: Crossover

Their steps down the corridor echoed as they got closer and closer to their fate. Megan Adara kept looking straight ahead, but Kai Adara looked round, unable to take it all in.

‘How are you not petrified?’ Kai asked.

‘Dad, I’ve met her before. She doesn’t scare me anymore. She trusts me.’ Megan said.

‘You want me to trust her too?’


‘Great. That’s really not what I wanted to hear.’

‘What would you prefer me to say? She’s gonna bite your head off if you speak out of turn?’

‘She won’t…will she?’

Megan rolled her eyes and led Kai further down the corridor. They reached the main room and Kai was shocked. The room was open and there was a central controls command in the middle of the room. Megan led him up to the controls. They waited, Kai not quite sure what he had walked into. Footsteps walked towards them. Megan straightened her clothes and her posture. Edward Thomas walked into the room and stopped when he saw them.

‘Were we expecting you?’ Edward checked.

‘AT2 was expecting us.’ Megan tried to tread carefully.

‘That explains a lot. You’d better follow me.’ Edward caught sight of Kai’s worry.

Megan led Kai round to follow Edward back the way he had just come. The corridor was long and they finally got to a room on the right side. They walked in and Edward shut the door behind them. Amy Thomas was standing at the table, examining a map. Cameron Thomas was standing on her right, pointing at a place on the map.

‘Amy, next time you want someone to come down here, at least give the rest of courtesy of knowing you’ve done so.’ Edward complained.

Amy and Cameron looked up and stood straight at the sight of Megan and Kai.

‘You made it?’ Amy was a little shocked.

‘Got here as quickly as we could.’ Megan shrugged.

‘Amy, what’s going on?’ Edward asked.

‘You remember the Adara family?’ Amy said.

‘They’re Adaras?’ Cameron was shocked.

‘Someone attacked their house in the UK. Megan was the only one who got out. Kai was already in the States. Whoever is after them killed Megan’s Mum and kidnapped her brother Jeb. We have to do something to get them back.’ Amy explained.

‘How are we gonna do that exactly? Our numbers are dwindled as it is.’ Cameron said.

‘We just need to give them as much information as possible and give them any equipment they need. We won’t go too far.’ Amy looked up at Cameron.

‘You really enjoy messing with my head, don’t you?’ Cameron groaned.

‘It’s my speciality.’ Amy grinned.

Cameron rolled his eyes and nudged Amy.

‘Tell us everything.’ Amy looked at Megan and Kai.

Neither of them knew how to start, their lives crumbling in front of them.

Short Story: Hello


The desk was slightly messy, paperwork up to Kai Adara’s ears. He tried to clear some space, but he was getting snowed under. He stood away from his desk, despairing at how his life had panned out. The door into his office opened.

‘I’m not cut out for this. I’m a field kind of guy, not some pen pusher!’ Kai nearly snapped, his American accent coming through.

‘Kai, this is to give you time to recover. You aren’t strong enough to go back. This is for your own good.’ The guy that had come into the office nearly hissed at him.

‘My own good? I’m barely able to see the trees in this forest. I need to get out there. It can give me a chance to find my kids!’

‘Kai, your wife took your kids because you’re not capable of looking after them! The sooner you accept they’re staying gone, the better.’

‘I won’t give up on them! They are my life!’

‘Not anymore! They’re in the UK and have been since your youngest was two! They don’t need you!’

A knock gently raps against the door.

‘What?’ Kai nearly snapped.

‘Kai, you have a visitor.’ The receptionist was wary.

The receptionist disappeared. A woman in her late twenties walked into the room, facing both men.

‘Can I help you?’ Kai asked.

‘Hello, Dad.’ The woman smiled a little, a British accent breaking Kai’s focus.

‘Megan?’ Kai was shocked.

‘Did you really think I’d forget?’ Megan raised an eyebrow.

Megan took in Kai’s colleague.

‘Could you give us a minute?’ Kai asked.

Kai’s colleague left the office, shutting the door on his way out.

‘It’s been too long.’ Kai grinned, unable to shake it off.

‘Dad, this isn’t a social visit, I’m afraid. I don’t really know how to tell you this.’

Kai guided Megan to take a seat.

‘Just tell me what’s on your mind.’

‘Um, I’m actually in the States on business. Dad, they want to bring you back in to work the field. They’re back and they had tracked us down. Dad, they killed Mum and they took Jeb.’

Kai stared at her in shock. Megan tried to hold her emotions in, but she was struggling. Kai moved his chair closer to her and held her close.

‘It’s alright. I’ve got you. I promise we’ll sort this and I’ll keep you safe.’

‘They made me watch them butcher her, Dad. They raped her and chopped her into pieces. They were gonna start on me, but Jeb got in the way and got me out the house. I just ran until I got to the airport. I got onto a plane and came here as soon as I could.’

‘You’re safe now. We’ll get Jeb back together.’

Kai held Megan close, trying to keep his own emotions away from the surface. Both of them held tight to each other, fear of the future tearing into their hearts.

Short Story: We Meet Again

Lizzy Reading sat in St George hospital. The bed next to her chair was occupied by a man in his thirties. He was plugged in and was checked up on regularly. Lizzy held his right hand in hers, unsure what to do. The man watched her, taking in her appearance.

‘I’m sorry. I should have done more to keep you safe.’ The man’s voice was hoarse.

‘It’s not your fault, Neil. Our family was crooked and we got caught in the middle. We’re both still here.’ Lizzy looked him in the eye.

‘You’ve really grown up, haven’t you?’

‘Well I was seventeen when you died.’

‘I shouldn’t have put you through that. I should have taken you with me, kept you safe.’

‘And let Dad rule Locksford with his drugs? No thanks. The family needed to be stopped.’

‘Almost forgot how stubborn you are.’

‘Learned from the best, didn’t I bro?’

‘Yeah, I asked for that. So you were in the flat on your own?’

‘Mum persisted in checking in on me once a week. Also had money put into my account from her. I asked her about it and she said it was from her feeling guilty how we left things when you took me in. She wrote a letter explaining everything. She told me the money was from you.’

‘Couldn’t leave my baby sis to fend for herself just yet, could I?’

‘You could have tried.’

‘How long had you been at Locksford before your attempted murder?’

‘Just over a week?’

Neil and Lizzy laughed.

‘We don’t do peaceful and easy, do we?’


‘I know you won’t like me for this, but I want to call in, let them know I’m alive. I’ll get them to transfer me to Locksford to keep an eye on you. I’ll hand in my findings to add to the court case against the family.’

‘Won’t it be difficult as you’re my brother?’

‘I’ll talk to them and make sure I’m not in your line manager situation. Then it should be alright.’

‘You gonna call Tash?’


‘Tash Price? Your ex who is getting with another bloke?’

‘How do you know that?’

‘Tash is at Locksford, a DC.’

‘A DC, sounds like Tash. Must have given her a shock, you turning up at Locksford.’

‘I try my best.’

‘Did Becker try and grill you?’

‘At first, but he figured out I had no idea what was going on with my family. He talked to me and we figured out I joined the force to be like you, almost like I wanted to find out the truth about your supposed death.’

‘Our family is messed up.’

‘And I don’t think it’s done with us yet. If you join Locksford, watch out because if they don’t know you or your background, they’ll think you could have been in league with Dad.’

‘Then we’ll show them what a true Reading in the force is like.’

Neil grinned at Lizzy, both of them laughing at what was to come.