Short Story: Hello


The desk was slightly messy, paperwork up to Kai Adara’s ears. He tried to clear some space, but he was getting snowed under. He stood away from his desk, despairing at how his life had panned out. The door into his office opened.

‘I’m not cut out for this. I’m a field kind of guy, not some pen pusher!’ Kai nearly snapped, his American accent coming through.

‘Kai, this is to give you time to recover. You aren’t strong enough to go back. This is for your own good.’ The guy that had come into the office nearly hissed at him.

‘My own good? I’m barely able to see the trees in this forest. I need to get out there. It can give me a chance to find my kids!’

‘Kai, your wife took your kids because you’re not capable of looking after them! The sooner you accept they’re staying gone, the better.’

‘I won’t give up on them! They are my life!’

‘Not anymore! They’re in the UK and have been since your youngest was two! They don’t need you!’

A knock gently raps against the door.

‘What?’ Kai nearly snapped.

‘Kai, you have a visitor.’ The receptionist was wary.

The receptionist disappeared. A woman in her late twenties walked into the room, facing both men.

‘Can I help you?’ Kai asked.

‘Hello, Dad.’ The woman smiled a little, a British accent breaking Kai’s focus.

‘Megan?’ Kai was shocked.

‘Did you really think I’d forget?’ Megan raised an eyebrow.

Megan took in Kai’s colleague.

‘Could you give us a minute?’ Kai asked.

Kai’s colleague left the office, shutting the door on his way out.

‘It’s been too long.’ Kai grinned, unable to shake it off.

‘Dad, this isn’t a social visit, I’m afraid. I don’t really know how to tell you this.’

Kai guided Megan to take a seat.

‘Just tell me what’s on your mind.’

‘Um, I’m actually in the States on business. Dad, they want to bring you back in to work the field. They’re back and they had tracked us down. Dad, they killed Mum and they took Jeb.’

Kai stared at her in shock. Megan tried to hold her emotions in, but she was struggling. Kai moved his chair closer to her and held her close.

‘It’s alright. I’ve got you. I promise we’ll sort this and I’ll keep you safe.’

‘They made me watch them butcher her, Dad. They raped her and chopped her into pieces. They were gonna start on me, but Jeb got in the way and got me out the house. I just ran until I got to the airport. I got onto a plane and came here as soon as I could.’

‘You’re safe now. We’ll get Jeb back together.’

Kai held Megan close, trying to keep his own emotions away from the surface. Both of them held tight to each other, fear of the future tearing into their hearts.


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