This is a little sneak peak at what I’m working on. If you want to read more after the excerpt, I would love to hear from you! Love, Abbie Allen

With my foot on full throttle of the car I seriously hoped I wasn’t going to crash. I kept a tight grip on the steering wheel, my hands at the three and nine position. I had no time for indicating, not when I was trying to chase a madman behind the wheel of a bulky four-by-four. My Mercedes’ engine started to roar, so without looking I switched up to the next gear. The madman’s car was hurtling down the road, but I was getting closer to him, the sirens and lights on the top of my car piercing any tranquillity the streets had on a sunny, warm March lunchtime. He turned off, going the wrong way round a roundabout, so I followed him.

‘Charlie Tango 5, are you receiving, over?’ My radio kicked into life.

I had no time to try and tear it from my belt. My radio was in the worst position and I was alone in the car. The madman kept driving, but was slowing at the traffic lights. I took the chance and yanked my radio off my belt.

‘Charlie Tango from 5, I’m at the traffic lights on Robert Lane. Suspect is driving in a black four-by-four, registration Whiskey-Alpha-09-Tango-Pappa-Bravo. Assistance required to bring him in.’ I called in.

‘Received, Charlie Tango 5.’ My radio buzzed again.

The madman then floored it through the red lights. I matched him and followed. We both swerved through the traffic and kept hurtling down Robert Lane. He wasn’t slowing down. He was speeding up. I stepped on it and we were in a mad dash down the road. I was sure I heard tires squeal, but I wasn’t sure if it was my tyres or his.

‘Charlie Tango 5, what is your location?’ My radio buzzed.

‘Charlie Tango from 5, I’m still heading down Robert Lane, the suspect ahead of me. We’re coming up to the Snow Island and will need urgent backup.’ I tried to call it in and drive at the same time.

The madman took to the island, driving round it and swerving all over the shop. I kept following, my radio cradled in my lap. I breathed a sigh of relief. Two marked police cars joined in my pursuit, stopping the four-by-four on one of the turn-offs.

‘Charlie Tango from 5, we’ve got him, it’s a stop, stop, stop.’ I called in, pulling in behind them.

I killed the engine and got out the car. The uniform coppers had him out the car. I was a metre away and I could smell drugs and alcohol on him.

‘Get him down to the nick.’ I ordered.

The coppers responded, nodding and dragging him off to one of their vehicles in cuffs. I tried to steady my breathing and my heart that was drumming intensely in my chest.

‘Gov, you alright?’ One of the PCs asked me.

‘Fine. Bit of adrenaline not quite ready to settle down yet.’ I smiled weakly.

I sat on the bonnet of my car for a minute, trying to gather myself. I watched the sunlight dance through shadows of a nearby tree on the road surface. It was gentle, unlike this whole fiasco. My view was then blocked by a pair of boots. I looked up and found one of mine watching me. He was stocky, but he softened seeing me watching him. He had that look in his eyes that told me he’d seen more than I would as a copper.

‘Heroics?’ He asked, a gravelly voice coming out his mouth.

‘He’s been avoiding us for weeks. I wasn’t about to let him get away.’ I pointed out.

‘Gov, you could’ve got hurt.’

‘Leon. I’m fine.’

‘Are you?’

‘Yes. I am. I’ll meet you back at the station.’

I got up off the bonnet and checked the traffic was away from my car for me to get in. I heard Leon walk away, but he stopped suddenly.

‘Who is she?’ One of the PCs asked.

‘Who is she? That’s Mystery.’


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