This is a little sneak peak at what I’m working on. If you want to read more after the excerpt, I would love to hear from you! Love, Abbie Allen

Running through the blades of grass, with her left leg being half prosthetic limb, wasn’t quite how Jenna saw her summer holiday ending up. Her balance was slightly off due to the running blade her Uncle had got her, but it was still a little difficult for her to get used to, even though she had always worn one as long as she could remember. Trying not to look behind her, Jenna leapt over a fallen tree and hid behind it, attempting to keep her heartbeat steady.

‘Come on, Jenna!’ A loud call erupted into the field.

Jenna curled her legs up towards herself, the fear of what was out there starting to swallow her whole. Quickly glancing to her right she caught sight of a boy about eleven, the same age as her, and he was curled up the same way as her.

‘You’re scared too?’ The boy asked.

‘What am I meant to do? I’m a kid!’ Jenna’s voice trembled.

‘Let’s do it together. You have your battle and I have mine. Maybe there’s a reason our minds are joined like this.’

‘Arthur, I can’t do this! I have a fake left leg for crying out loud!’

‘My right leg is exactly the same. We can do this together, right?’

‘You had so better be right about this, Arthur.’

‘On the count of three.’




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