REVIEW: Proof Positive by Lucy V Hay


Proof Positive is the recent book written by Lucy V Hay. She is an author, script editor and writes articles for the website Bang2Write. She uses her blogsite to assist other writers to write their best piece of work whilst navigating the labyrinth-style industry she works in.

The story follows Lizzie Carmichael, a 17-turning-18 year old preparing to go to University. She then comes into trouble when she takes a pregnancy test and the result comes back positive. The book takes us on a journey through all the people in her life, showing us alternative choices she could’ve taken depending on who called Lizzie when she found out. We got an interesting insight into the workings of her family, all five of her younger sisters along with her together-yet-not-together parents, her relationship with boyfriend Mike and her best friend Shona.

Lizzie’s life is turned over and over by which decision she should make; abortion, keep the child, work things out with Mike to become parents together, become a single parent or give the child away. There was even a traumatic version of events leading to Lizzie having a miscarriage.

As the book progresses, we start to get the whole picture of the world Lizzie lives in and how much of her life is now in turmoil as she has to make the most difficult decision of her life. As the story goes on, we feel a strong connection to Lizzie and hope that she has the best of outcomes for her to be able to achieve the best future possible.

The writing of Lucy V Hay draws you into the story, giving you a chance to understand how each character moves the story forward and giving colour to the life of the protagonist, Lizzie Carmichael. Each choice Lizzie makes and the story that enfolds depending on who calls and she answers her phone draws you in to find out more about Lizzie’s world. Every time we return to the public toilets where she does the test, the prose around it develops, enticing us further into the world and furthering our senses of the space we are in, whether the toilets or the markets just outside we return to again and again. No detail is described the same and it is so magnetising you wouldn’t want to put the book down.

Lucy V Hay has surpassed herself and made such a traumatic subject that many see as a taboo something that actually informs the reader of what choices there would be should they be in the same situation. I applaud her for being so delicate with such an issue and making accessible for everyone to understand how this situation changes people’s perspectives on the subject.

RATING: 10/10

To see more of Lucy V Hay’s work, check out her social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and her website Bang2Write


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