Short Story: Flying Without Wings

The edge of the cliff really wasn’t helping my mood. My breath came out jagged, a puff of white cloud emerging in the cold weather. Snow was underfoot and small cracking sounds could be picked up, but only just about. My cape fluttered in the wind behind me, the suit I was in trying to keep as much warmth in as possible.

‘You have to try.’ A female voice spoke from behind me.

‘What if I’m not ready? I could destroy this place by accident if I’m not careful.’ I pointed out.

‘Then believe in your strengths. You have the power to restrain those abilities. Show them how it’s done.’

I nodded, taking a step closer towards the edge. More cracking could be heard underfoot. I could hear feet marching towards me. They had come to hunt me down and kill me. I was an alien in their world and they didn’t like it. I outstretched my arms and turned to face them.

All they had armed themselves with were guns. No bombs or grenades to try and bring me in. That was their mission. Bring me in and run tests on me, find out what my DNA hid from them.

‘Are you going to surrender?’ Their leader took a step forward, his gun pointing straight at my head.

‘Nope.’ I grinned the biggest smile I dared.

I then let myself fall backwards, off the edge of the cliff. I started to whistle through the air at speed and they were terrified. I kept falling and then my hands caught fire. I blasted flames beneath me and it propelled me into the air to then ride on the wind, out of their range and into safety. I had just needed that extra nudge and they had given it to me. Whoops. Guess they never expected their plan would backfire in their face like that. Literally, catch fire. Guess they never did learn being different wasn’t a curse.



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