Abbie Allen is a freelance Scriptwriter with skills in script formatting, script editing and writing scripts for the Screen, Radio and Theatre mediums she learned on her BA Scriptwriting degree whilst at University of South Wales, Cardiff. Abbie is also an aspiring Camera Operator. Currently she is part of Producers’ Forum and Creative Alliance’s pilot scheme Talent Connect from April to October 2018, a program to help those 18-25 to gain their first paid placements in the industry. During her time on the “Foot In The Door” Film Skills course she was the Camera Operator and Writer of her short film Anything. She was the Writer on the short film In the Cloud for the London 48 Hour Sci-Fi Short Film Challenge.


Writing blogs such as the ones on this site kind of started when Abbie saw all the links on her Facebook news feed of how to write parts to scripts and things. It got Abbie into thinking ‘What if I used what I’m learning in University to help others write them?’ That’s where this blog began. She wanted to help people find a creative route if they were unsure where to start with it. Hopefully this has helped people find their own style and figure out which is the way they want to write. If Abbie has done that, then she’s done what Abbie set out to do with this blog.



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