Short Story: Locked In

The chains connected to the cuffs round Carlie’s wrists and ankles filled the silence of the paled white walls in the corridor of the prison. She kept walking, not wanting to attract attention to herself. She knew the reason she was here wasn’t because she had committed a crime she had been wrongly accused of. No. This was worse.

‘Keep it moving.’ A guard barked.

Carlie kept moving until they reached the metal gate separating her from the corridor and the main part of the prison. She could see the other inmates watching her, trying to decide what kind of inmate she would be. She couldn’t see any other women, which didn’t seem to surprise or worry her. The gate opened and she was led up a flight of stairs, the other inmates still watching her. She was stopped outside an empty cell and her cuffs were taken off. Then she was flung into the cell, her body falling to the floor with a thump.

The door slammed shut behind her, laughter creeping through the metal of the door. The cell was very bare, only housing a bunk bed, a chair, a sink and a very dingy looking toilet. She’d have to try and clean that as best she could at some point. But Carlie had better things to do right now. Climbing back to her feet, she walked to the small window with bars over it. Her right hand squeezed between the bars and gave enough space for her to rest the palm of her hand against the glass. The bars had pushed up her jumpsuit sleeve, revealing a scorched lightning bolt on the inside of her lower arm.

Closing her eyes she started to focus her mind. The world outside her window started to darken, clouds descending round the prison. Thunder rolled and then a large lightning bolt struck the ground a couple of miles away, setting alarms off inside the prison. She could hear guards running round the prison like the world was about to end. Like it hadn’t already. Carlie’s eyes shot open, the entirety of her eyes completely blue.

‘Guess the Daughter of the Spark never really died.’ Carlie’s voice came through past her lips, a deep sound that had the undertones of more than one voice speaking at once.

She smiled as a second lightning bolt struck the ground a mile away, only to then solidify in the ground as a bright blue lightning bolt for all to see. She knew it would be the sign they had been looking for. This world had given up, but she was still alive, still fighting, and this was not the end. Not even close.


Short Story: Flying Without Wings

The edge of the cliff really wasn’t helping my mood. My breath came out jagged, a puff of white cloud emerging in the cold weather. Snow was underfoot and small cracking sounds could be picked up, but only just about. My cape fluttered in the wind behind me, the suit I was in trying to keep as much warmth in as possible.

‘You have to try.’ A female voice spoke from behind me.

‘What if I’m not ready? I could destroy this place by accident if I’m not careful.’ I pointed out.

‘Then believe in your strengths. You have the power to restrain those abilities. Show them how it’s done.’

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Landscape Photography


Hello, lovely people! It’s been a little while, but I’ve been busy in Birmingham filming a short film I am sharing with you today. It’s theme is youth homelessness and I hope you like it. Here’s the premise:

Tyler is an 18 year old unsure what he wants to do with his future. Pressured to make a choice, Tyler makes a rash decision and goes to live on the streets. Meeting Grace, a homeless woman, Tyler finally sees the future isn’t as scary as he first thought.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and maybe what kind of short film you’d like to make if you got the chance.


Abbie Allen

Anything Short Film


This is a little sneak peak at what I’m working on. If you want to read more after the excerpt, I would love to hear from you! Love, Abbie Allen

Running through the blades of grass, with her left leg being half prosthetic limb, wasn’t quite how Jenna saw her summer holiday ending up. Her balance was slightly off due to the running blade her Uncle had got her, but it was still a little difficult for her to get used to, even though she had always worn one as long as she could remember. Trying not to look behind her, Jenna leapt over a fallen tree and hid behind it, attempting to keep her heartbeat steady.

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This is a little sneak peak at what I’m working on. If you want to read more after the excerpt, I would love to hear from you! Love, Abbie Allen

With my foot on full throttle of the car I seriously hoped I wasn’t going to crash. I kept a tight grip on the steering wheel, my hands at the three and nine position. I had no time for indicating, not when I was trying to chase a madman behind the wheel of a bulky four-by-four. My Mercedes’ engine started to roar, so without looking I switched up to the next gear. The madman’s car was hurtling down the road, but I was getting closer to him, the sirens and lights on the top of my car piercing any tranquillity the streets had on a sunny, warm March lunchtime. He turned off, going the wrong way round a roundabout, so I followed him.

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When Wanting To Murder Your Series Plotting

Welcome back to another blog! It’s getting all a little scary right now, only a month away from the end of my time at University. Final year has gone so quickly and now I’m in the mad dash to get all my work done for the looming deadlines. So, whilst I’m in the mindset of my Major Final Project (dissertation equivalent) that is a 3-part Crime Drama for TV I’ll pass on a little bit of help and guidance I picked up from how to plot stuff into the series, but it’s mainly stuff like thrillers or mystery.


So, when you’ve got certain things that need to be found out in certain places, this is what you should do.

Figure out how many episodes you have content for. From there, you make a list of points you need to uncover. Once you have that, figure out which ones go together. Once you have that, choose which points come in what order and choose which episodes which points come into the series. Once you’ve got that, then make sure it’s evenly done and you don’t give the whole chain of events away before the end of the series. That would definitely kill the series in its tracks.

I hope that helps and you can make your own series the best it can be. I wish you luck in your writing endeavours.


Abbie Allen