This is a little sneak peak at what I’m working on. If you want to read more after the excerpt, I would love to hear from you! Love, Abbie Allen

Running through the blades of grass, with her left leg being half prosthetic limb, wasn’t quite how Jenna saw her summer holiday ending up. Her balance was slightly off due to the running blade her Uncle had got her, but it was still a little difficult for her to get used to, even though she had always worn one as long as she could remember. Trying not to look behind her, Jenna leapt over a fallen tree and hid behind it, attempting to keep her heartbeat steady.

‘Come on, Jenna!’ A loud call erupted into the field.

Jenna curled her legs up towards herself, the fear of what was out there starting to swallow her whole. Quickly glancing to her right she caught sight of a boy about eleven, the same age as her, and he was curled up the same way as her.

‘You’re scared too?’ The boy asked.

‘What am I meant to do? I’m a kid!’ Jenna’s voice trembled.

‘Let’s do it together. You have your battle and I have mine. Maybe there’s a reason our minds are joined like this.’

‘Arthur, I can’t do this! I have a fake left leg for crying out loud!’

‘My right leg is exactly the same. We can do this together, right?’

‘You had so better be right about this, Arthur.’

‘On the count of three.’




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This is a little sneak peak at what I’m working on. If you want to read more after the excerpt, I would love to hear from you! Love, Abbie Allen

With my foot on full throttle of the car I seriously hoped I wasn’t going to crash. I kept a tight grip on the steering wheel, my hands at the three and nine position. I had no time for indicating, not when I was trying to chase a madman behind the wheel of a bulky four-by-four. My Mercedes’ engine started to roar, so without looking I switched up to the next gear. The madman’s car was hurtling down the road, but I was getting closer to him, the sirens and lights on the top of my car piercing any tranquillity the streets had on a sunny, warm March lunchtime. He turned off, going the wrong way round a roundabout, so I followed him.

‘Charlie Tango 5, are you receiving, over?’ My radio kicked into life.

I had no time to try and tear it from my belt. My radio was in the worst position and I was alone in the car. The madman kept driving, but was slowing at the traffic lights. I took the chance and yanked my radio off my belt.

‘Charlie Tango from 5, I’m at the traffic lights on Robert Lane. Suspect is driving in a black four-by-four, registration Whiskey-Alpha-09-Tango-Pappa-Bravo. Assistance required to bring him in.’ I called in.

‘Received, Charlie Tango 5.’ My radio buzzed again.

The madman then floored it through the red lights. I matched him and followed. We both swerved through the traffic and kept hurtling down Robert Lane. He wasn’t slowing down. He was speeding up. I stepped on it and we were in a mad dash down the road. I was sure I heard tires squeal, but I wasn’t sure if it was my tyres or his.

‘Charlie Tango 5, what is your location?’ My radio buzzed.

‘Charlie Tango from 5, I’m still heading down Robert Lane, the suspect ahead of me. We’re coming up to the Snow Island and will need urgent backup.’ I tried to call it in and drive at the same time.

The madman took to the island, driving round it and swerving all over the shop. I kept following, my radio cradled in my lap. I breathed a sigh of relief. Two marked police cars joined in my pursuit, stopping the four-by-four on one of the turn-offs.

‘Charlie Tango from 5, we’ve got him, it’s a stop, stop, stop.’ I called in, pulling in behind them.

I killed the engine and got out the car. The uniform coppers had him out the car. I was a metre away and I could smell drugs and alcohol on him.

‘Get him down to the nick.’ I ordered.

The coppers responded, nodding and dragging him off to one of their vehicles in cuffs. I tried to steady my breathing and my heart that was drumming intensely in my chest.

‘Gov, you alright?’ One of the PCs asked me.

‘Fine. Bit of adrenaline not quite ready to settle down yet.’ I smiled weakly.

I sat on the bonnet of my car for a minute, trying to gather myself. I watched the sunlight dance through shadows of a nearby tree on the road surface. It was gentle, unlike this whole fiasco. My view was then blocked by a pair of boots. I looked up and found one of mine watching me. He was stocky, but he softened seeing me watching him. He had that look in his eyes that told me he’d seen more than I would as a copper.

‘Heroics?’ He asked, a gravelly voice coming out his mouth.

‘He’s been avoiding us for weeks. I wasn’t about to let him get away.’ I pointed out.

‘Gov, you could’ve got hurt.’

‘Leon. I’m fine.’

‘Are you?’

‘Yes. I am. I’ll meet you back at the station.’

I got up off the bonnet and checked the traffic was away from my car for me to get in. I heard Leon walk away, but he stopped suddenly.

‘Who is she?’ One of the PCs asked.

‘Who is she? That’s Mystery.’

Short Story: Crossover

Their steps down the corridor echoed as they got closer and closer to their fate. Megan Adara kept looking straight ahead, but Kai Adara looked round, unable to take it all in.

‘How are you not petrified?’ Kai asked.

‘Dad, I’ve met her before. She doesn’t scare me anymore. She trusts me.’ Megan said.

‘You want me to trust her too?’


‘Great. That’s really not what I wanted to hear.’

‘What would you prefer me to say? She’s gonna bite your head off if you speak out of turn?’

‘She won’t…will she?’

Megan rolled her eyes and led Kai further down the corridor. They reached the main room and Kai was shocked. The room was open and there was a central controls command in the middle of the room. Megan led him up to the controls. They waited, Kai not quite sure what he had walked into. Footsteps walked towards them. Megan straightened her clothes and her posture. Edward Thomas walked into the room and stopped when he saw them.

‘Were we expecting you?’ Edward checked.

‘AT2 was expecting us.’ Megan tried to tread carefully.

‘That explains a lot. You’d better follow me.’ Edward caught sight of Kai’s worry.

Megan led Kai round to follow Edward back the way he had just come. The corridor was long and they finally got to a room on the right side. They walked in and Edward shut the door behind them. Amy Thomas was standing at the table, examining a map. Cameron Thomas was standing on her right, pointing at a place on the map.

‘Amy, next time you want someone to come down here, at least give the rest of courtesy of knowing you’ve done so.’ Edward complained.

Amy and Cameron looked up and stood straight at the sight of Megan and Kai.

‘You made it?’ Amy was a little shocked.

‘Got here as quickly as we could.’ Megan shrugged.

‘Amy, what’s going on?’ Edward asked.

‘You remember the Adara family?’ Amy said.

‘They’re Adaras?’ Cameron was shocked.

‘Someone attacked their house in the UK. Megan was the only one who got out. Kai was already in the States. Whoever is after them killed Megan’s Mum and kidnapped her brother Jeb. We have to do something to get them back.’ Amy explained.

‘How are we gonna do that exactly? Our numbers are dwindled as it is.’ Cameron said.

‘We just need to give them as much information as possible and give them any equipment they need. We won’t go too far.’ Amy looked up at Cameron.

‘You really enjoy messing with my head, don’t you?’ Cameron groaned.

‘It’s my speciality.’ Amy grinned.

Cameron rolled his eyes and nudged Amy.

‘Tell us everything.’ Amy looked at Megan and Kai.

Neither of them knew how to start, their lives crumbling in front of them.

AMY first chapter

Hello everyone! This is the first chapter of my novel, AMY. It’s not yet published, but I’m looking into making it so. So enjoy and let me know what you think. Just so you know, it is aimed for Young Adults.


Abbie Allen


Chapter 1

The knife lodged into the chest of the human shaped target, a fake blood sachet leaking down the figure. The next knife was suddenly in my hand as some kind of reflex. I couldn’t help but smirk at the shot I’d made. Adrenalin ran through my bloodstream and I wanted more of that feeling than just this moment in time.

The way my family have been brought up has been both a blessing and a curse. I’m just the end of a long line of the Thomas family. Since 1900 our family had been recruited to keep the World safe, mainly consisting of a British-American alliance. No one knows who actually recruited us, but what we do know is we gave the British government an anomalous nudge to create MI5 and MI6 in the early 1900s.

My name is Amelia Thomas. Everyone calls me Amy. I’m not quite a fully-fledged member of the International Protection Service, IPS for short, but I’ve convinced them enough to let me start training. We have to hide ourselves from those who would want us to be extinct, so we have a cover story. Each of our buildings are known as Thomas Spy Bases, so we can give the cover we work for the TSB like the bank. It throws everyone off. I’m glad it does. If it didn’t, I’d have been moved round place to place every time our cover was discovered.

‘Amy, you gonna throw that knife or what?’ Edward, my American cousin, dragged me from my thoughts.

I threw the knife sitting in my grip and it lodged in the crotch of the human shaped target I’d just stabbed in the chest.

‘Good enough for you?’ I wasn’t impressed with his tone.

I looked at Edward standing behind me and all I could tell was he was torn between being impressed and annoyed. His dark brunette hair was almost quiffed over his head, bringing out his bright blue eyes boring into my mind. He was stocky and lanky at the same time, but I knew he wasn’t one to cross. He took three long strides until he stood next to me, towering over my five foot seven and a half inches.

‘Nice shot. Doubt Uncle Mark would approve, but I think he could be persuaded otherwise.’

‘Come on, Edward. I’m meant to graduate in a week and all anyone can say to me is I need more practice. I’ve been in the field, in the tech seat and ensuring weapons don’t go off in anyone’s pockets. Admit it. They all want me to fail.’

‘They don’t want that.’

‘Oh really? So how did you get landed with checking my training again? Oh, yeah, they don’t trust me to train on my own.’

‘Amy, you’re looking too much into this.’

‘Am I? Oh, sorry about that. Not like I’m trying to do the job I was asked to do or anything.’

‘You should talk to Uncle Mark if this is how you feel.’

‘You think my Dad would listen to me? I barely get Harriet to listen to me and she’s the one who needs less persuasion.’

‘Just give them time, Amy. I’m sure when it comes to the tests next week you’ll smash it.’

‘Can I not just smash targets instead?’

‘I could always see if I can get John to be a target when he gets back.’

‘He lets me win. Every time.’


‘I’m not John’s kiddo for nothing, you know.’

‘How about this, you take down two more targets and we’ll talk to Uncle Cameron and Uncle Dominic? They might have a plan of getting through to their brother.’


I unsheathed two knives and threw them in separate directions, piercing the blood sachets on their chests. Edward chuckled at how I’d just obliterated his training room.

‘We done?’

‘For today, yeah. Just beware Uncle Dominic might try and be the over-playful Uncle.’

‘You say that like you forgot I carry a Revolver.’

‘You do?’

‘Come on.’

I took a deep breath and led my cousin out of the vast target range. We walked down various corridors until we found our way to the main room. The central controls looked like we’d ripped the central controls out of a TARDIS and flipped it inside out so the controls were on the inside of the circle with two opposite central entry points, a semi-circle of power on each side of it. The nearest wall also had a massive screen on it with five PCs plugged in underneath it, all with the headsets attached to microphones as if we ran a call centre. The walls were a mixture of sky blue and dark blue, mainly to appease the family away from Mark’s first idea of wee yellow wallpaper.

‘I don’t see them anywhere.’ I was confused.

‘They’ll have gone for a coffee break, most likely.’ Edward shrugged.

‘Great to see where their priorities lie.’

‘Why are you in such a mardy today?’

‘Why do you think, asshat?’

‘Thanks for that, Amy.’

‘You’re welcome.’

Two pairs of feet walked towards us from the direction that I knew the kitchen was. Emerged from another of the corridors was our Uncles Cameron and Dominic, chuckling together with steaming mugs in their hands.

‘Finished having a laugh now?’ I wasn’t taking any faffing about.

‘Amy, you need to relax. We’ve got everything under control.’ Cameron pointed out.

I glared at Cameron, the family’s genetic dark brunette hair sticking up in slight natural spikes nodded with his blue eyes fixed on my eyes. He was taller and stockier than Edward, but he could still be a softy when he wanted to, mainly to stop me punching my brothers in the face. Dominic cleared his throat and he got the same treatment from me. Dominic was just like Cameron except slightly stockier and he tried to shine his bright white smile in my face.

‘No matter how much you grin at me, Uncle Dominic, I’m not dropping it. Your American charm doesn’t work on me anymore.’ I nearly bit his head off.

‘Amy, that’s enough.’ Edward tried to rein me in.

I walked to the controls and pulled a lever up.

‘Controls at full capacity.’ The female voice of the controls chirped in.

‘Sure it is.’ I spun on one foot and walked round the back of one section of the controls.

I checked the wiring and made sure it as all connected. It seemed intact, but I knew with my family it wouldn’t last long.

‘Did you want us for something?’ Cameron knew.

‘Amy needs you to talk to Uncle Mark. He’s not convinced Amy’s ready for the full gig.’ Edward explained.

‘Amy?’ Cameron asked for my appearance.

I stood up and watched my Uncle carefully.

‘Mark thinks you’re not ready?’ Cameron checked.

‘He’s not exactly happy I’m meant to graduate to full member next week.’ I shrugged.

‘You know what I think it is? I think this is because Mark can’t understand you’re growing up. He still sees you as that seven year old who nearly got killed when we let our guard down on that case.’ Cameron put his mug down.

‘The serial killer you had to take down?’ I was surprised.

‘Yeah. He thought he’d killed the bastard, but as you found out he was very much alive. He needs to get past that event and see you’re a very capable twenty year old.’ Dominic chipped in.

‘Dad’s worried I’m not ready because he thinks I’m a seven year old he thought was defenceless, who then kicked a serial killer in the crotch?’ I questioned the reason given to me.

‘Your Dad’s just trying to look after you, Amy.’ Cameron pointed out.

‘I’m an adult now, Uncle Cameron. I don’t need babysitting anymore. If John was here he could convince Dad of that, or even Matt and Jacob if they needed to.’ I countered.

‘Maybe you should just try not to think about it so much.’ Edward offered.

‘And let Dad think I’m some defenceless kid? No way. If you knew me at all, Cousin, you’d know I don’t let things like that lie.’ I stood my ground.

‘I give in with you sometimes, Amy. You’re stubborn and I don’t have the energy to keep fighting you.’ Edward said.

‘Yet you can scheme with my sister to try and get me snuck out the building under Dad’s nose so you can attempt to get a T-Total drinker drunk?’ I saw right through him.

‘How did you-?’ Edward was horrified.

‘I’m Amelia Thomas. I find out things I shouldn’t, remember?’ I smirked cheekily, just to wind Edward up.

‘Cow.’ Edward snapped.

‘Moose.’ I smiled back at him.

‘Are you ever going to stop insulting me?’ Edward chuckled.

‘It’s your own fault you started it, bitch.’ I grinned.

Edward couldn’t help but laugh at how I back-chatted him so easily. I could see Dominic smirking at us as he took a sip at his concoction in his mug.

‘Hidden your brandy in there, Uncle Dominic?’ I knew.

‘Nope. It’s gin, actually.’ Dominic hiccupped.

‘How you can drink the stuff, I have no idea.’ Cameron shook his head.

‘Someone’s got to drink John under the table.’ Dominic chuckled.

‘He’ll love you for that.’ I laughed.

‘Of course. I need to keep my sister on her toes.’ A voice boomed from behind us.

I turned round and entering the main room was a guy just over six foot with light brown hair and sparkling eyes that fixed only on me. He put his holdall down and I just ran at him. He held onto me as tight as he dared, his arms under my arms wrapped round his shoulders. He gripped tighter round my body and spun me round in his grip.

‘Hey kiddo.’ He grinned at me.

‘Hey Johny.’ I couldn’t help but grin back at him.

John held me close to him again, both of us laughing.

‘I said I’d be back in time.’ John chuckled.

‘Didn’t doubt it for a second.’

‘Come on. Let’s go wind up our family.’

I led John over to Edward, Cameron and Dominic. The guys all shook hands, staying proper to the last.

‘We weren’t expecting you back for a few days. Did something happen?’ Edward asked.

‘Just that our makeshift base got blown. Falling Stars on our patch. We got rid of enough of them, but it definitely cost us time. We got out in time before we became smithereens.’ John informed us.

‘So where are Matt and Jacob?’ I was confused.

‘Putting away the weapons. Dad wants a report, so Matt’s dealing with that.’ John squeezed my shoulder.

‘Do you think I’m ready for graduation?’ I wanted his opinion.

‘Dad’s not on board, is he?’ John knew.

‘Not quite. He’s treating her like a seven year old.’ Edward explained.

‘It’s just Dad’s way of keeping you safe.’ John told me.

‘Don’t need it, John. I’m twenty turning twenty-one. I can manage.’ I nearly scowled at him.

‘You still have a lot to learn, Amy. It takes years at this.’ Dominic tried to convince me to back down.

‘Oh, sorry, but last I checked it was me who stopped the family becoming shish kebabs when the Falling Stars tried to blow up the last base. So maybe I know what the risks are and that we should let me do my job before we judge each other on their capabilities.’ I snapped.

I stormed upstairs to the first floor and straight to the room with my name on. I slammed the door behind me and I got straight onto my bed, curling up to figure out what my next move would be. My door slowly opened and Cameron walked in, sitting on the end of my bed.

‘Go away.’

‘You really think I’d leave my niece like this?’

‘Why do you even care?’

‘Amy, I know this is difficult for you. You’ve had it worse than most of us.’

‘Can’t help my genetics, can I?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘My biggest hurdle? It’s this Asperger Syndrome I just happened to have! Harriet has it too but it seems to have barely affected her! I’m stuck in this battle with my Autism whilst the rest of you can just get on with your lives without any holdbacks. What if Dad’s right and I’m just a liability and I’m never going to be a full member of the IPS?’

‘Amy, look at me.’

I slowly sat up from lying down on my bed and looked him in the eye.

‘You are not a liability. You are our strongest member and Mark just needs to see that. You started your ascension through the roles in this family since you were seven years old. You have found patterns none of us would have seen and you have hacked into so many databases to save people’s lives I’ve actually lost count. Don’t doubt yourself after all you’ve achieved. Just trust yourself and it’ll come to you. It always does, Amy. You’re a natural at this. Don’t let them win. We need our youngest member on their A-game. You with me on that?’

‘What can I do?’

‘How about tomorrow I train you? You might not want to throttle Edward quite so much after that. I’ll rope John in to help.’

‘Thanks, Uncle Cameron.’

‘It’s what I’m here for.’

I held Cameron close, both of us laughing how much we connected after a few years apart on Mark’s orders.

‘What are we gonna do with you, eh?’

‘Help me talk to Dad?’

‘I’ll do my best. I dunno he’ll listen very much, I’m afraid. You know what he’s like.’


‘He’s not that bad. He’s just protective. You are the youngest member of the family.’

‘Means I’m just as lethal as the rest of you.’

‘I know. He doesn’t, so you need to show him how lethal you really are.’

‘Does that mean I can throw knives at my Dad?’

‘Not quite.’

‘Shame. He would have made great target practice.’

Cameron couldn’t help but chuckle at my humour. He knew I was feeling better, but we were a long way away from being back to normal and miles away from being a stronger family with no chinks in the armour.

‘You ready to go back downstairs? I think Matt and Jacob have returned to annoy Dominic some more.’

‘That’s my job, isn’t it?’

‘Precisely. You ready?’

Cameron held a hand out to me and I took it, letting him lead me back downstairs. I walked a couple of paces behind him, mainly because my legs weren’t as long as his so I struggled to keep up at his pace. We got down the stairs and I got clocked by Harriet’s twin Matt and my third eldest brother Jacob.

‘Still in one piece, I see.’ Matt joked.

Matt was just like John, but much bulkier. All the men of the family seemed to be of a stocky build, which Jacob was a part of too. They were all built to rugby tackle anyone if they needed to. Both Matt and Jacob had the dark brunette genetic hair most of us had. I was released by Cameron, but I just stared at Matt, still seeing a small blood patch on his T-shirt.

‘Are you still mad at me?’ Matt saw right through me.

‘That obvious?’ I knew my anger was starting to rocket.

‘Amy, tone it down a notch.’ John was on red alert.

‘You gonna apologise for what you did, brother?’ I wasn’t giving in this time round.

‘I have nothing to apologise for.’ Matt snarled.

‘Amy, don’t even think about it.’ John briskly walked to my side, stopping me from moving any further.

‘And I thought you couldn’t get any worse. You know, you should speak to Owen on how to appreciate the help I give on your missions especially when you couldn’t even change a fuse without help!’ I hissed.

Matt flew over the handle. Matt charged at me and I got round John’s grip. Matt made the first swing, but I caught his arm and pinned him to a nearby table, locking him in an almost police hold as if I was going to cuff him for resisting arrest.

‘Maybe Matt you should remember which sister of yours you’re challenging. I’m just as capable as you, so back off and only come find me when you can get over your pride to let out the words I’m sorry.’ I snapped in Matt’s ear.

I released Matt and shoved him towards Dominic and Jacob, watching us both carefully. I turned my back on them and started to head towards the corridor I knew took me towards the training quarters. I stopped in the doorway and felt queasy all of a sudden. My heartbeat started to race. Pain rippled through me almost at the intensity of being crushed in a car. I started to fall to my knees as John caught me, guiding me carefully to the floor. The pain intensified and a scream ripped its way through my lips, piercing any silence there had been in the entire building. I could hear John’s muffled voice calling out to me, but I couldn’t hear anything else. The scream was long and sharp, my vision starting to blur together into a mess of colours before everything went black.

I found myself dressed in white in a white space with no visible walls or any kind of exit. No matter where I rested my eyes it was totally white. The only thing in the space with me was a chair and a dressing table. I sat on the chair, trying to gather myself. I looked in the mirror and could see my reflection looking back at me. My medium build was heading in the slightly stocky build the men of the family had, even giving me slightly broader shoulders than the girls in the family. My dark brunette hair was tied in a ponytail behind my head, swishing behind me everytime I moved my head. My green eyes were sharp with colour staring back at me. I just wanted to know what was going on. I got up after I heard footsteps in the space.

‘Hello Amy.’ A female voice called to me from behind.

I turned to find a girl in her late teens watching me. I recognised her immediately. Her light brown hair finished at her shoulders, flowing in the white light that seemed to surround her. Her blue eyes fixed on mine and neither of us could speak for a few seconds.

‘Laura.’ I found myself saying her name.

‘Well, Laura-Mei Thomas actually.’ Laura shrugged.

‘What’s going on?’

‘I thought you would know that by now. This is a vision.’

‘I’d got that far. I’ve had these for too long. You’ve been gone from mine since I was fifteen. Where did you go?’

‘Home. Amy, I’m from the future. Your future.’

‘Great. Just what I wanted.’

‘Don’t be so cynical.’

‘Have you met my brothers?’

‘That’s another thing you need to find out.’

‘Something’s wrong isn’t it?’

‘Yeah. You’re my last resort. I’m sorry I have to do this to you, Amy.’

‘Do what?’

‘You need to talk to Ashleigh.’

‘What’s my Mum done now?’

‘You’ll have to ask her what she did in 1995.’

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’

‘You’ll find out when you ask her. She keeps it in her notebook of what she did. You have to find the truth and use it to fight back like hell.’

‘You’re not making any sense.’

‘I will, when the time is right. Things will go downhill on the day you get made a full member of the IPS, Amy. Everything rests with you. Your challenges will be difficult and you have to learn that sacrifices have to be made. I wish you luck, Amy. You will need it for all you will be facing. You must be strong and use your family connections to their strongest points. Your family is depending on you.’

‘You sound like you’re quoting a James Bond movie.’

‘Might be. Who knows?’

‘Can’t you stay and explain everything?’

‘Afraid not. My family needs me. You’ll find out all about that soon enough. Just watch yourself and let John help you with that anger of yours. Oh, punch Matt in the face for me, would you?’

‘With pleasure.’

‘What’s he done now?’

‘Nearly got me drowned and killed by atomic bananas in a matter of two hours on my last case.’

‘You can tell our family’s gotten a bit mad when that actually makes sense.’

I reached a hand out to Laura, hoping she would take it.

‘Come with me.’

‘I can’t. The family in your timeline need you there. You’ll see me again. I’ll make sure of that.’

Laura touched my forehead and I was blinded by white light.

I woke with a start on the floor of the main room, John by my side. I stood up and saw Matt was nearby. I took a step towards him and I punched Matt in the face, knocking him to the floor. He looked up at me, holding his nose that was slowly dripping blood.

‘What was that for?’ Matt was annoyed.

‘That’s from Laura-Mei Thomas, jackass.’ I snapped.

‘Laura, like from your visions when you were a kid?’ Jacob was confused.

‘We’ve got a situation. I need to talk to Mum.’ I watched my family watch me carefully.

I then ran from the room straight down the opposite corridor and didn’t stop until I reached Ashleigh’s lab. I opened the door and found she was nowhere to be seen. I walked down to the tables she had set up for tests and located her black book, pointing out to me that was the book that held her secrets. I checked the book and came across the entry I wanted. It was marked by the year as 1995. I checked what it said and all I could get from it was she had merged DNA for an egg to form a child in the womb. I checked the coding she used in the book and all I found was the usage of our initials for each member when we use the radio. I could figure out the female in the joining was Harriet, but I couldn’t figure out the writing for the male. I then saw what the markings were for what the test achieved. I saw the marks for the result were dated 5th June 1996 and had the initials AT2. It then hit me. AT2 was me.

‘What are you doing in here?’ Ashleigh’s voice was full of rage.

I turned to see Ashleigh entering her lab. Her nearly jet black hair curled to about her shoulder blades, her eyes a deep brown scowling their way through my brain. She was built a little less than me, but I knew she was close enough to put up a fight. I knew I was going to be in trouble, but I had to stand my ground.

‘I’m uncovering the truth.’ I was ready to reveal all.

‘What truth would that be?’

I showed her the page in her book I’d found.

‘Harriet’s not my sister, is she?’

‘You think she’s not your sister?’

‘Don’t lie to me! I know she’s not from this book! You took her DNA and messed with it to combine with either Matt’s, Owen’s, Jacob’s or John’s DNA and your result was me! How long did you think you could hide this from me?!’

‘You’re deluded.’

‘Look in a mirror. Oh wait, I forgot, you broke the last one you did that to.’

Ashleigh slapped me round the face. I felt my body twist and before I knew it I’d swung back around and punched her in the jaw, knocking her to the ground.

‘You have twenty-four hours to tell Dad, or I will.’

I walked away from her and through the labyrinth of corridors until I reached the target range. I typed in the code for the door and stepped inside, locking the door behind me. The room looked more like a tunnel than anything else. I scanned the space to find on the far left were the tables covered with ammunition to then find the far right tables covered with actual weapons, including a bow, knives and a couple of swords. I walked right to the table on the far right and picked up a sword. It had a purple thread encased into its grip. I checked the weight of the blade and it felt like it had been made for me, the balance of it fitting what I needed it for. Heart drumming, I walked to the wooden dummy with sections of wood sticking out. Bracing myself, I started to attack the dummy with the sword. I attempted to speed up the attack, knocking the wooden sections out the way with the sword, chipping sections out as I worked. I didn’t want to give in and I knew I had to prove to Mark I was ready, not matter what he believed on keeping me safe from it all.

‘Amy, can you open the door?’ Mark didn’t sound too impressed.

I ducked as one of the wooden sections tried to clobber me as I stepped back from the dummy. I took a deep breath and headed for the door. I carefully unlocked it and let him in. Mark stormed in and turned to face me, anger almost burned onto his face. His genetic dark brunette hair was slightly tousled with small spikes too. His brown eyes were trying to hide the warmth he had for me, but his posture was tense and trying to retain his anger. He wasn’t quite as stocky as the rest of the family, but he made up for it in other ways.

‘You punched your mother!’ Mark’s Scottish accent bled through his words as he attempted to tell me off.

‘Dad, I didn’t want to have to tell you this, not when you’re this angry.’ I shut the door and put the sword on the floor by the door.

‘What are you talking about?’

‘Mum took your DNA for tests, right? She said it was in case you got injured and she needed to repair you? Dad, she used Harriet’s DNA with Matt’s, Owen’s, Jacob’s or John’s in an experiment to create a child.’

‘Who was the child?’

‘I’m the child.’

I could see the colour drain out of Mark’s cheeks as the truth finally set in.

Script Excerpt- MOVING ON

HANNAH, (18, medium height, smart, quiet) dressed in a school
uniform, is sitting against the wall with SAMMY (18, female,
medium height, scruffy, rebel), DAN (18, tall, stubble,
scruffy, obnoxious) and KEV (18, tall, clean shaven, smart,
reserved). DAN pulls out a cigarette and lights it. SAMMY is
typing on her phone. HANNAH is reading a Shakespeare play.
KEV is reading a comic book.

You should have seen his face once
I dropped the bombshell I knew more
than that stupid teacher.

I can imagine, as you’ve told that
story ALL week.

Surely it’s not been ALL week,
right, Kev?


You’re not backing me up?

Sorry, Dan. It does get a little
annoying after you’ve brought it up
every day.

Hannah, will you back me up?



Well…this IS the first I’ve heard
of it.

You see, Hannah backs me up!

Only because she’s been pulled in
for exam practices by The Dragon
all week.

That is true.

Hannah, just let Sammy and Dan
fight this one out. I love seeing
them get into a weird love dance in
the guise of a fight.

There’s nothing going on!

You keep telling yourselves that,
love birds.

HANNAH attempts to hide a smile.

You’re worse than Kev sometimes,
Hannah, you know that?

I’m getting the impression, yeah.

SAMMY and HANNAH grin at each other and start laughing.

Ugh. Girls, eh?

They’re not that bad.


Oh, you would say that!

Jealous I get all the girls?

KEV throws his comic book at DAN, hitting him in the face.


HANNAH stands watching the doorway, pupils pouring out. DAN
walks over.

Not going home?

I’m waiting for Sammy.

I think she can manage.

It’s Friday, Dan. She’s sleeping
over. Shouldn’t you be looking for

Nah. He’s not my type.

You know what I mean. Sammy and I
do a sleep over and you and Kev do
a sleep over and see who can be
awake the latest.

Maybe we should try and switch it
up, see if you and I could beat
Sammy and Kev.


SAMMY and KEV walk over. SAMMY stops as she sees HANNAH.

Hannah? Shall we go?

Yes please.

You gonna just leave it like that?

What you on about, bruv?

Dan, don’t tell me you were winding
Hannah up again.

I wasn’t doing anything of the

Really, because Hannah looks pretty
petrified to me.

I may have just said the wrong


Can we just go?

Dan, what did you do?

Just leave it, will ya?!

HANNAH takes SAMMY’s hand and leads her away from DAN and
KEV. The two boys watch the girls go.

You’d better explain on the way,

Forget it. It was nothing.


HANNAH splashes water from the sink over her face. SAMMY
walks into the toilets and checks her makeup in the mirror.

You alright?

Dan tried it on last night.


SAMMY stares at HANNAH.

I thought it would be OK to go to
the cinema with him. He invited me
back to his house and then he tried
to…you know.

Oh. My. GOD!

Now he’s ignoring me.

I’ll talk to Kev, try and see what
we can do.

Will Kev listen to that?

He will if he wants any of this.

SAMMY flicks her school blazer away from her figure.

Wait. Are you and Kev…

Yup. Did it last night. You should
try it sometime.

Sammy! I don’t wanna know!

Have you not…?

You have to ask that?

I’m surprised you’re not into that
kind of action. Nothing matches it.

No. Just, no. I’m not ready for
that, no way.

Are you…jealous?

You think I’m jealous of you and

You do look at him funny.

I just don’t want you getting hurt.
I’ve seen him with the rugby lads.
He can get rough.

Hannah, I can manage.

Like you did last time?

Look, I’ll speak to Kev and get him
to have a word with Dan to sort
things out.

You can try.


HANNAH sits on the wall, her bag at her feet. SAMMY storms
over and slumps down onto the wall.

Kev is a dick.


Just caught him with a Year 11 in
the history department. All I can
say is that they weren’t studying.

I’m sorry, Sammy.

I thought he could have been the
one, you know?

You can do better than Kev.

What if I don’t want to? I love the
dickhead. I just wanted to have
something that I didn’t ruin. Was
that too much to ask for?

Guys need to pull their heads out
their arses, don’t they?

He wasn’t like that, not with me.
He was really sweet, you know? I
just wish he’d given us a chance
before blowing it.

Why don’t I see if you can stay
over tonight? I think Dad got some
Haagen-Dazs ice-cream we can share.

Thanks, Hannah. I’d really
appreciate that.

It’s what friends are for, isn’t



HANNAH is dressed in her own clothes, smartening herself up
and checking her reflection. SAMMY walks into the toilets and
stands right next to HANNAH.

Everything OK?

You cow.


You posted that video.

I have no idea what you’re talking

That sexual video we made a few
months ago as a JOKE, the one we
got YOU to film!

I haven’t posted any videos
recently. I swear it’s not me.

That video is round the entire
school, just on the day we’re meant
to graduate!

Are you sure Dan or Kev didn’t post

You think I believe that? I checked
the account it came from. It’s from

HANNAH stares at SAMMY.

There’s no point looking at me like
you didn’t know about this. It’s
too late. Thanks for nothing.

SAMMY storms out the toilets, slamming the door behind her.


HANNAH runs out the toilets.


HANNAH stands at the foot of her bed, dressed in a T-shirt
and jeans. HANNAH holds her phone to her ear.

Hey, Sammy. Sorry I’m calling
again, but I wanted to check you
alright. I’m sorry about all this.
Would you just call me back? I’m
worried about you.

HANNAH hangs up her phone.


HANNAH’s phone is pinging with each message as it is lying on
her bed.

Everyone needs to get their bloody
noses out my life! I wanna live it
my way.

DAN (V.O.)
Some people are such drama queens.

Get out my life, you hypocrite!

KEV (V.O.)
Get back in your cage.

Who asked you?! Get out of this

DAN (V.O.)
Don’t be a bitch, Sammy!

KEV (V.O.)
Such a cow! Just get off Facebook!


HANNAH’s phone stops beeping. HANNAH sits on her bed and
turns off her phone. HANNAH curls up on her bed.


HANNAH sits on her bed, staring at the wall. A knock echoes
against the door. SAMMY enters the room, a little sheepish.


I was…uh…in the area. I thought
we could talk? I didn’t really know
where else to go.

Yeah. Of course.

SAMMY and HANNAH sit on the bed.

I’ve had some time to think after
yesterday’s Facebook pandemonium.

I’m sorry about Dan and Kev. They
went too far.

It’s not your fault. I’ve also been
thinking about the other day. That
video coming out, it rattled me,
you know? Now I’ve had time to
think, I know now I shouldn’t have
blamed you for that coming out.

Not exactly been easy for any of
us, has it? Ignoring each other
hasn’t helped.

Which is why I’m here.

Look, I’ve got the rest of the
holiday off. Why don’t we catch up,
do a sleep over again?

I’d like that.

Besides, I think Dad might let you
finish the Haagen-Dazs this time.

Sounds like a plan.

Both girls hold each other close.


HANNAH sits at her desk and opens a photo album. The various
pictures are of HANNAH, SAMMY, KEV and DAN graduating from

Friends are described in many
poetic ways. There are some that
shine like stars you don’t always
see but you know they’re there.
They’re described as flowers to
brighten the day. I had one friend
in particular that seemed to stick
around, no matter how hard the path

HANNAH turns the page to a picture of SAMMY and HANNAH.

My favourite friend quote is
friends come and go like waves of
the ocean, but the true ones stay
like an octopus on your face.