I am available to hire for various Script and manuscript services, as detailed below. If you would like to inquire about any of these services, please contact me at If you are a student or working on a low budget project, please feel free to get in touch about how I can help your project progress with the service/s you require.

Script Formatting

This service will transfer your script into a Final Draft format for a Screen manuscript,  the correct format for a Theatre manuscript and the correct format for a Radio manuscript. The scripts will be delivered to you in a PDF file.
From £250 for 1-30 pages, £350 for 30-60 pages, £400 for 60-130 pages

Manuscript Report

This service will be a 1 to 5 page document varying on the length of piece given. I will give notes on the story, strengths and weaknesses of the piece and how to make it better. I will work on all scripts and manuscript.
From £250 for 1-30 pages, £350 for 30-60 pages or novellas, £400 for 60-130 pages or full novel manuscripts