Structure Mountain (when planning to adapt literally anything)

Welcome back! I hope you all had a great Christmas and a happy New Year (even though it’s nearly the end of January). This is my next blog that may seem like I’m talking at you, but hopefully this might actually help those who wish to adapt from one medium to another, for example novel to Film adaptation. I’ll give a few steps, but step two onwards you can do in any order that works for you,

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What happens when you start researching for writing ideas (because, reasons)

This blog is about researching into the area you want to write in next. This may not appeal to most people,  but it can definitely be worth it. At the moment I’m reading a book called THE CRIME WRITER’S GUIDE TO POLICE PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE. I thought it might be an idea to read this because my work at the moment seems to be branching in the work life of police officers in the area of the Midlands (an area in England that includes Birmingham, in case anyone doesn’t know where that is). The best idea I thought would be to try and make the writing as authentic as it can be, which limited me as I’m doing a Scriptwriting degree and I know nothing about the police running except from watching numerous episodes of THE BILL, focusing on The Metropolitan Police in London.

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