Story Beats Are Your Friend (I hope)

Welcome back to another script themed blog! Quite a few of these will end up being from lectures I’m attending for my final year at Uni, but it’s still useful for that author in us.

In one of my earlier blogs I talked about the five beat structure, putting the story into five beats. Now, hopefully this blog will help you if you think your story is becoming a little difficult to keep track of too.

So, let’s begin. With every story there are the main events, the important clincher points. Those are what you want in your story beats. So, if you struggle to get them into the five, try putting it into more than that. In a lecture I attended recently we were taught that it should be about one hundred and fifty maximum, at least for a feature film anyway. The minimum would be about sixty story beats.

It’s alright if the beats are a little sketchy at first. That’s what the whole exercise is for. This is to see where there are holes in the story, where we aren’t sure how we got to a certain point and to find the five main points of change to use in the five beat structure. This could also lead to helping you to write your pitch (that I talk about in another blog). The story beats could look like this, as an example:

-Mary destroys the kitchen

-Mary drives to John’s house

-Mary confronts John about their relationship

So, as you can see, it doesn’t have to be much, even if it does mean I’m subtly quoting SUPERNATURAL. I hope this quick blog has helped you figure out your story. I wish you all the best in your writing endeavours.


Abbie Allen


Method To My Madness…ish

Welcome back to another blog! It’s been a little too long since my last one, but preparing for Final Year of University is getting the better of me, as usual. Either that or binge-watching the good old British Crime series THE BILL.

Anyway, back to this blog of mine. Now this title may seem a little odd, but it fits this topic quite well. The blog I will talk to you about Wikia. Some of you may have heard of Wikipedia, but this is kind of along the same branch, kind of.

Wikia is a website that allows any creator/s to make a site for a show they are really into, like DOCTOR WHO, THE BILL (Bit too much watching my favourite crime show) and many others in different genres. What I have figured out is that there are no limits to this site, really. I’d seen the one people had put together for THE BILL and I couldn’t help but question what would my projects look like?

So, I decided to create my own Wikia for my TV Project LOCKSFORD. Now this project is written around a Police Station in the fictional borough Kingswell in actual Birmingham, UK. Since one of my parents is an actual Brummy I wanted to do something for those roots, especially in the current state where areas of the UK are being under-represented. The series follows, mainly the Uniform, of the station through the eyes of their newest recruit, PC Lizzy Reading.

I knew there would be a lot for me to keep track of in the series and with it having a Transmedia take on it too in the form of a novel (hopefully) and a Radio series I had to figure out a way to get it out of a jumbled notebook and onto paper somehow. This would now be that outlet. So this is what I suggest to you. Create a Wikia for your original Project and put profiles, episode stories, character journeys, overheads (layout of a building from the ceiling looking down on each floor, if you need to) and anything else you may have. Put it on there and let your imagination run wild. It doesn’t have to be for a TV Series. It could be any of your projects, so don’t be afraid to step out with that Wikia.

If you don’t believe me, why don’t you check out mine and see how it is growing (it’s not finished yet, but it could be soon enough) on the link below:

Locksford Wikia

So I hope this blog has helped you if you have struggled to find a way of organising your notes better. I wish you luck on your next endeavour.


Abbie Allen

What happens when you start researching for writing ideas (because, reasons)

This blog is about researching into the area you want to write in next. This may not appeal to most people,  but it can definitely be worth it. At the moment I’m reading a book called THE CRIME WRITER’S GUIDE TO POLICE PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE. I thought it might be an idea to read this because my work at the moment seems to be branching in the work life of police officers in the area of the Midlands (an area in England that includes Birmingham, in case anyone doesn’t know where that is). The best idea I thought would be to try and make the writing as authentic as it can be, which limited me as I’m doing a Scriptwriting degree and I know nothing about the police running except from watching numerous episodes of THE BILL, focusing on The Metropolitan Police in London.

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